Now, some of the ingredients that show up in most of the recipes may seem a bit odd. But, there is nutritional advantages in them that you may not know.

Beer actually has nutrients that feeds the grass and promotes bacteria that contribute to the health of the lawn.

Soda has a lot of sugar that feeds the same, healthy bacteria and provides carbohydrates.

Soap and shampoo (which should never be antibacterial for this) makes the ground more receptive to the fertilizer.

It helps to make sure that the fertilizer will be absorbed.

Ammonia has the necessary nitrogen that plants love.

Mouthwash is a great pesticide that is not too harmful.

So, though the ingredients may seem a little off, they are great for your lawn.

Do not miss out on these great recipes because they do wonders for your lawn.




For more details, check out our source: Gardening Know How


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