Fertilizers can be expensive, and it is not always clear what exactly is in them. So, I thought it would be interesting to try a natural, do-it-yourself, lawn fertilizer.

Here are some recipes that can be made and are used as a great grass fertilizers.

There are some ingredients that may come as a big surprise, but it works well!


Recipe 1

  • Can of non-diet soda

  • Can of beer

  • A half a cup of dish soap. Make sure it is not the antibacterial kind of dish soap.

  • A half a cup of ammonia

  • A half a cup of mouthwash

  • 10 gallons of water



Recipe 2

  • 10 gallons of water

  • A can of beer

  • A can of non-diet soda

  • A cup of baby shampoo



Recipe 3

  • 8 oz. of water

  • 8 oz. of ammonia

  • 16 tablespoons of epsom salts




Recipe 4

  • A can of tomato juice

  • A half a cup of fabric softener

  • Two cups of water

  • A cup of orange juice (optional)



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