Why Should We Garden?


It seem that I never work harder than in my garden. When the work is done for the day, I always feel better then a day in the office.

I set and look out on the garden and it makes me feel everything has it’s own time, an this is my time. My time is mine own to reflect and wait on the rewards.


 5.  It is something positive to have focus on. Studies from the University of Illinois have shown that the outdoors, including the gardening scene, have a tendency to reduce symptoms of ADHD in over 400 kids that took part in the study. Not to mention, creating something healthy and beautiful is just a great thing to have on the mind, no matter who it is.

Photo by: Derek Fox


 6.  The World’s climate. Think about the terrible carbon footprint that the food industry makes every year. In fact, about 400 gallons of oil is used in order to feed every single American. A backyard garden makes a lot less waste than that.


Photo by: ulalume


 7.  It reduces that amount of money spend in a household! Think about how much food that can be grown from a pack of seeds that cost about a dollar! The amount of money saved is insane! In fact, the National Gardening Association did a study and they found that the average household that has a garden spends about seventy dollars a year on that garden. Not bad, and it is seen as even more amazing with the fact that those gardens produce about six-hundred dollars’ worth of vegetables. That is five-hundred and thirty dollars saved every year!





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