Why Should We Garden?


Gardening is a terrific thing to do, but it can be difficult and time consuming. It really can. I think it is important to get in touch with why we garden, and also, for the people who are thinking about starting, why we should garden.

Let’s do some great self-reflecting and get back down to the basics of gardening, simply why it is good for us.

Here are seven reasons that we should always garden.


1.  The number one reason is simply our health. Our diets are one of the main health factors in our lives. Store bought produce actually is not as nutritious as home grown so it has been seen that, after beginning to grow produce at home, diets and health of both children and adults improve. In fact, Journal of American Dietetic Association found that a child’s intake of produce tends to double after starting a garden.


 2.  The taste of vegetables and fruits, straight out of the garden, cannot even compare to anything else. Not to mention, it makes it possible to choose when to eat the fruits and vegetables just by preference. If someone likes something that is not all the way ripe, or maybe overly ripe, they have the choice to pick that thing whenever they want to.


 3.  Safety is a big reason. There have been numerous outbreaks of illnesses like E. coli and salmonella. This can be caused by improper treatment or lack of carefulness. If the food is coming straight from our backyards, these health risks are greatly decreased.


Photo by: melystu


 4.  The outdoors and needed exercise! Let me ask a question, how many of us get a little consumed by our technology? A lot of us should be raising our hands. I am sure it is even worse amongst our kids and grandkids. Well, the garden demands attention, and therefore demands that we get out in the sun and do some hard work! It also opens up the opportunity for the kids to help us and therefore they get the same benefits.


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