Why Are My Plants Turning Yellow?






When our plant leaves are turning yellow it can be difficult to figure out the exact reason.

Having to go through all the choices can be time consuming.

And it’s already frustrating when we worked so hard to have our leaves turn yellow so who wants to spend the extra time figuring out why.

Here is a great list of the most common reasons that our plant leaves are turning yellow and some simple solutions!

Photo Credit: sharyn morrow


Moisture Stress

Most common reason is moisture stress, over watering or under watering.

If you have a plant that has yellow leaves, check the soil.

If the problem is under watering, water more often and let the pot sit on a dish to recollect water that has overflowed so that the roots can absorb the extra water.

On the other hand, over watering can contribute to leaves turning yellow as well.

If you feel the soil and it’s too wet then you know that you have too much water.

 In this case the solution is simple in that you should not add as much water or less frequently.




Another common reason plant leaves turn yellow is not enough light is reaching the plant.

This occurs because the rate of photosynthesis is limited in low light, but as the light is increased, photosynthesis increases.









Temperature contributes to the color of leaves as well.

In terms of cold temperatures, cold drafts on tropical plants will contribute to the yellowing of leaves.

If it’s not a periodic temperature change like a draft, the leaves will likely brown if exposed to prolonged cold temperatures.


Photo by: Hitchster


Plant Nutrition

Yellowing is a good indication of nutrition.

Specifically, if there is a strange pattern to the yellowing, like veins on leaves are green and tissue is yellow, then it’s almost always a nutrient problem.

Frequently people use too much fertilizer to grow faster, but what it does is create a toxic environment which “burns” leaves out causing yellow.


Photo by: Appalachian dreamer

Hope this helps some.

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