What To Grow In Limited Garden Space



Hot Peppers

Photo by: jeffreyw

Hot peppers do great in small gardens, and window boxes if you wish to save room in the actual garden and, again, there are so many varieties which makes the experience of having a small garden feel less constricting by giving us more choices. Black hungarian pepper is very colorful and does well in patio pots. They have purple flowers and bright green foliage. At first, the peppers on the plant will be green, and then they will turn black, and then they will finally get to be red. Pepper plants usually get to be about thirty to thirty-six inches. This is too large to put in most window boxes, but does great in containers. You should start the seeds inside, and then move to pots or planters when it warms up outside.



Photo by: Aine



These are often plants that people feel like they have to give up when they run out of space, but that just is no the truth! Some varieties of tomatoes can handle small spaces. Keep in mind that cherry tomatoes can do great on a trellis, but if your garden is even more compact than that then we have the cherry cascade tomato! This one does great in hanging baskets, and will produce hundreds of tomatoes for you.




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