What To Grow In Limited Garden Space



It can be very frustrating to not have a lot of space in the garden. It really is not easy, but often times it cannot just be changed.

Some of us just have to learn to work with the space that we are given.

The good thing is, you can still have a vegetable garden in a small space, but you will need to be more selective about what you plant.

I know that this is not really fun, but having some sort of garden, with essential plants will really be better than no garden at all.


Here are some plants that will help us utilize our space in the best way possible!


Photo by: Christoph Zurnieden



Basil is just so delicious. It adds extreme flavor that just wakes up a dish and brings it alive. There are so many varieties of basil to choose from, over eighty, and some of these are mini basil plants that are great for your small garden. There is a kind called pistou that is a form of sweet basil, and does great in window boxes. It is also very easy to grow from seeds.


Photo by: dixie wells



Chard varieties, such as rainbow chard strives in tight spaces, which a small vegetable garden has a lot of. It grows up, which is the best for small gardens and has different colored stems. Chard is in the beet family and can be grown from seed with ease, but keep in mind that seedlings will need to be thinned out to get the spacing right. If you plan to have them in containers then it may be easier to start with transplants, not seeds.


Photo by: Sarah



Oriental eggplant is a great choice for compact gardening because that is what it does, compacts. There are so many different varieties that it can be hard to choose. One choice that seems to be popular is Ping Tung Long. It hangs, and the eggplant stays slender. When starting, you should sow the seeds inside and then move to pots and/or planters when it gets nice and warm outside.



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