What Can & Can’t Be Composted


Sometimes it can be hard to tell what can and can’t be composted. If you add the wrong material it could cause big problems for your compost pile. Here is a great reference for the things that can and can’t be composted.

Things That Can Be Composted:

Fruit & Vegetable Peels
Shredded Newspaper/Plain Paper
Torn Up Cardboard
Wood Chips
Used Napkins
Nut Shells
Pine Cones
Egg Shells
Holiday Greenery
Broccoli Stalks
Corn Cobs
Corn Husks
Houseplant Trimmings
Dead Plants
Cooked Plain Pasta
Stale Bread
Fresh Leaves
Grass Clippings
Tea Leaves/Bags
Melon & Citrus Rinds

Things That Can’t Be Composted:

Cooking Oils
Meat Products
Dairy Products
Weeds From Your Yard
Diseased Plants
Any Coated Paper

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