Ways To Extend The Growing Season



Growing seasons do not always give enough time for us to accomplish everything that we need, or want, too. With these simple tips, you can make your growing season longer by two to six months, which is crazy!


Photo by: Brian Scott
  1. Protect your plants from the wind. High winds take a lot of a plant’s energy because the plant’s energy goes into simply surviving the winds, versus developing strong features in their roots and overall growth. It is all about wind breaking! So, it is time to really reduce the speed of the wind, you do not need to stop it completely. You can do this by simply putting up a fence, or a barrier of shrubs and trees. Windbreak netting would also work well. Putting up a solid fence or hedge may be a little weary on the pocket.


Photo by: Susy Morris
  1. Keep your soil warm in the winter. If you keep the soil warm, then your plants are way more likely to last longer into the winter. One way to do this is to put a thick layer of mulch down. This will trap heat in the soil. Keep in mind, though, that if you do this then you need to pull the mulch off the beds at the start of spring so that the soil gets exposed to the sunlight. You can also keep the soil warm by putting in raised beds. Putting down any kind of covering will retain heat well. Black plastic is an amazing covering because, not only will the soil be covered, but black is the prime color to trap and absorb heat. For plants that really love heated soil, combining the black cover and mulch will be heaven!


Photo by: Oregon State University


  1. Protect, Protect, Protect! Any extreme will be hard on your garden, whether it is extreme cold or extreme heat. Plants can be set back in growth when they are exposed to extreme heat, especially when they are young. In order to avoid this setback, I recommend maybe putting up shade netting that will cool the soil down, and help keep in moisture. You can do this by laying it over with wire hoops or maybe a wood frame, preferably one that can be moved.


Photo by: The Wizard
  1. Block the Frosts   –  Frost is often the most deadly and frustrating thing to a gardener that is trying to have a longer growing season. But, there is a solid way to avoid this, past blankets and cardboard, which we all can admit to using at the last second. Row covers are the more stable way to go when it comes to protecting your plants from frosts. Some can protect them in temperatures as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, greenhouses provide protection with this as well.





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