Using Our Gardens To Recycle


Humans create so much waste. There are tons of trash the have been thrown away by us. Well, it will be very beneficial to reduce some of that waste, and our gardens can be a big help with that. There are many things we can recycle in our own gardens and keep them out of the landfills. Here is a list of things that you can recycle by using the gardens in our backyards.
Photo Credit: Lucy Crosbie

1. You can make plant tabs by using your old plastic containers, such as cottage cheese or yogurt ones. Just cut out plastic strips and write the plant names with permanent marker. Then just place them where they can be read, but not get in the way of growing plants

2. You can use cardboard tubes, from toilet paper or paper towels or anything else, to make seed pots. To do this, just snip the tubes into two inch heights and place them in a watering tray, preferably plastic. Then, you can fill the tubes with potting soil that is already moistened. You should pat the soil down and be sure that there is about a half an inch space at the top of the tube. Put one seed in eat tube and cover it with a quarter of an inch of soil. Remember, there isn’t a bottom on the tube, so avoid moving them until the seedling grows and the roots are established. At that point, they will hold the soil in. You should be good to transplant within three to four weeks of germination.

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