There are so many things that are supposedly “beneficial” to the garden.

Even with research, we can all easily be misled. I think that is very important to communicate what works and what does not.

Experimenting with something new can be detrimental to all the established work in the garden. In the spirit of that, here is a video tutorial on Epsom salt in the garden.

Does it work?

Well, according to Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable, it does!

Epsom salt has many benefits, as it is so often used in body and face washes, and is even put in baths for detoxing reasons.

We can add gardening to the long lists of benefits. This stuff really seems like a great thing to have around!

When we get down to the basis of why Epsom salt is good for our plants, it is because it offers a source of two excellent nutrients to have in our soil, magnesium and sulfur.

In fact, Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate and the two chemicals separate when the salt is dissolved in water, which contributes to the chlorophyll in a plant (magnesium) and key amino acids that the plant needs (sulfur).

So, in the video Stephen goes over basic questions and claims that are often asked and brought up when Epsom salt is considered for the garden.



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