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As humans, we consume a lot of eggs. This is no secret. I know that i have eggs every morning for breakfast.

With this, as gardeners, we should be creative on how we can benefit more in the garden with those eggshells, which are a great source of calcium for your plants.

Here are four ways and/or reasons to use eggshells in your garden.


1. If you find that your compost is lacking calcium, it is time to add those eggshells. They are a great fertilizer. You do not have to stress about sterilizing or grinding them up because they tend to decompose in a short time. If you want to take a different route, you can put the shells directly into the bottom of your planting holes in spring. You can also just incorporate them into your soil in the spring, generally. Not just in the bottom of the holes.
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2. Eggshells are also great to get rid of some pests. If you begin to get snails or slugs in your garden then you can semi crush the eggshells up and sprinkle them around the plants where the pests tend to be. The sharpness of the eggshells will be irritable to the snails and slugs, which will cause them to quickly leave.


3. The biodegradable tendency that eggshells have when place in soil makes them excellent plant starters. You can simply make sure to only crack a little space in the top when making eggs and then properly clean them up. Boiling water is a good remedy to sterilize the eggshells. Then, puncture just a small draining hole into the bottom and the shell is essentially a pot, but better. When the plants that you plant in the shells are ready to put in the ground, you can put the whole shell in the ground with it because it will decompose quickly in the soil. This will also provide those plants with extra nutrients.


4. Help the birds out. Before and after a mother bird lays her eggs, she needs a good source of calcium. So, you can bake the eggshells at about two hundred and fifty degrees fahrenheit for about ten minutes. Make sure they do not get brown on the inner. Then, you can crumble the seeds and put them outside, maybe in some bird feed, and know that you are really helping the health of a mother bird.



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  1. gg said:

    I have used eggsblender to almost powder and put a good handfull mixed in the soil under tomatoes and along with shells when I plant my tomatoes. It seems that tomatoes love the extra calcium. I keep them in the freezer and then when i need them grind them in my food blender and put them along with seeds as i plant .

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