Helpful Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide With Our Plants



We love thinking of new uses of things in our gardens. Take hydrogen peroxide for example, who would of known there were actually helpful uses for it in our gardens!

Only after a little research and reading we found it can actually save our plants, like when we over water. We didn’t know it!

Here are some great uses for hydrogen peroxide listed below.

How & Why Hydrogen Peroxide is So Useful

It has an extra oxygen atom than water, this extra oxygen atom breaks down and the molecule of water releases from this separately. It is this extra oxygen atom that makes it so useful. It acts as an oxygen supplement for plants if used in low strength.
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Hydrogen Peroxide Uses


1. Hydrogen Peroxide Uses Against Root Rot

Overwatering causes the shortage of oxygen at the root zone. If we overwater, the water fills the air spaces in soil and our plant’s roots suffocate due to the lack of air and they begin to die after 24 hours. To save such a plant from this problem, water it thoroughly with 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed in 1 quart of water, no more than 2 1\2 tsp. of peroxide per gallon, but it’s recommended that you start with a smaller amount to build up as you think it’s needed. The extra oxygen in it provides roots their much-needed oxygen to survive. After this don’t water the plant until 1 or 2 inches of soil dries out well.


2. Mold & Mildew

It has an oxidizing property that is fatal for mold and mildew. Mix a liter of water with 10 tablespoons of 3 to 6% hydrogen peroxide depending on level of infection. Spray this solution on plants daily until fungus disappears.


3. Hydrogen Peroxide As A Fertilizer

Use it to help strengthen the root system of your plants. It has one extra oxygen molecule that helps plant’s roots to absorb nutrition’s from soil more effectively, you can use this formula occasionally to boost the growth– Mix about 1 teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide with 1 gallon of water.


4. To Keep Pests Away

Spraying the plant thoroughly with 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed in the equal amount of water kills the pests and their eggs. It also kills the bacteria that develop on fruits and vegetables.


**Make sure that you do not use more concentrate as it can kill plants. 3% strength is the recommended.**
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      Thank you for noting that, we will have to add it to the article. The answer to your comment is no more than 2 1\2 tsp. per gallon, but it’s recommended that you start with a smaller amount to build up as you think it’s needed.