Tips For Improving Soil In The Garden



When it comes to creating great soil for our gardens there are always a few simple things we can try out. From composting to fertilizing or just simply changing the way we are watering our gardens, there are so many things.


Here are 5 great tips for improving garden soil so our plants can thrive!


1. Look Out For The Color
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A pitch-dark soil is best. As a general rule of thumb – Darker soil has more organic content as the substances resulting from decomposition of the organic matter are oxidized and acquire a dark coloration.


2. Texture Is Also Important

The best is loamy in texture. It is neither too porous and nor too compact. The soil must be crumbly, airy, and light. To determine the texture, it is important that you feel it.


3. Notice The Depth Of Our Soil

Go to the planting site and dig it with the help of a shovel. If you can dig at least 10-12 inches down (the more the better) without touching the hard layers of earth, it would be better. It is required for the healthy growth of plants as roots penetrate deeply. If the depth is not sufficient you’ll need to make it deeper.


4. Weed Out The Weeds

If there are unwanted plants remove them. The population of weeds will also determine how healthy it is. You may need to improve it more if even the weeds are unable to thrive at our planting sites.
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5. Add Organic Matter

Adding organic matter always helps and you should add well-rotted manure and compost regularly as it adds nutrients naturally and also provides food for microorganisms that live in the soil.



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