Tips For Growing Kiwi In Our Gardens


Kiwi is sweet, tangy, and quite delicious. Growing these can have many uses and benefits for us and is great in dessert! In the right zones these fruits are easy and simple. Here are some tips on growing kiwi in your own backyard.

Kiwi has some demands. It needs mild winters, and a long growing season that is free of frost. If you happen to be somewhere that is more on the cooler side, you can still grow kiwi, but you need to choose a variety to fit your climate. Space is also a demand because kiwi vines can sprawl for about twenty feet. This is why it is important to let the kiwi grow up, literally, such as on a fence, trellis, or arbor.

Another thing to think about is getting your kiwi to really grow and succeed. This calls for a female, and male plant because they do not self produce. One male plant can pollinate multiple female plants, so that makes things a bit simpler.
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When you get ahold of mae a female kiwi, you should plant each vine ten to eighteen apart and in an area that gets good drainage. This means that is an area tends to create puddles after it rain, that is not the place for the kiwi. Full sun is required if you want fruit, but if you are in a place that gets very,very hot during the growing season, kiwi should be shaded during the heat of the day.

Other than all of that, you should mulch around smaller kiwi plants and be sure to prune the vines to ensure a more plentiful fruit production. Harvest should take place when the fruit feels firm, but not too firm. There should be some softness.

Some common kiwi varieties to try are common kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa), golden kiwi (Actinidia chinensis), and kiwi berry. Common kiwi is the type that you are used to seeing, hence the name. These are the brown, fuzzy, delicious kiwi found in grocery stores. Golden kiwi is kind of like common kiwi, but more sensitive. It tends to be more yellow in coloring and less fuzzy.

Add this delicious fruit to your garden and into your diet!



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