The Wonderful World Of Aquatic Plants



Many people find looking at aquariums give them peace.

It is not just the different kinds of fish in all colors, sizes, and shapes, swimming endlessly and effortlessly. It’s not just the color of the water or the ripples that each movement in the aquarium makes.

It is the total appearance – the refreshing effect of the whole aquarium and everything in it – the water animals, the water itself, the glasses, and most especially, the aquatic plants.

These aquatic plants also have the same effect in the yard and even in the house.


These are eleven of the most popular aquatic plants that people can put in their tanks, yard, and inside our homes!



photo by: allyhook
  1. Water lilies come in different shapes, sizes, and USDA zones. Their USDA Zones vary from 3 to 11. Its leaves help control algae, provide the shade that the fishes need, and lower the temperature of the water.



Photo by: mobile_gnome
  1. Java Moss. Java Moss grows fast and it is almost invincible. It looks great when attached to things such as rocks. It looks like a carpet and grows well with medium to full light. It also helps some kinds of fishes in breeding.



photo by: Brian Abrahams
  1. Sand Grass. Sand Grass is also known as Muskgrass, Chara, and Stonewort. It is a kind of algae in its advanced form. It comes in shades of green and provides cover for the fishes. The sand grass is a food source for waterfowls.


photo by: Carnat Joel
  1. Dwarf Baby Tears. It is also another kind of carpeting plant. It loves bright lights and provides protection to water creatures.


Photo by: Dinesh Valke
  1. Golden Club. The Golden Club is also known as Floating Arum and is scientifically known as Orontium aquaticum. This perennial can grow up to 15 cm. high and up to 25 cm. wide. It falls under USDA zone 5 and survives in any sun exposure condition.



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