The Herb Terrarium

Until recently I had never heard of an herb terrarium. This idea is absolutely adorable. An herb terrarium is a glass enclosed garden that creates humidity that is great for growing plants, such as herbs. Terrariums can be beautiful and look like a little forest in a glass bowl. The condensation that is built up in the glass enclosure usually leaks back down into the soil, which actually makes terrariums individual water cycles.

Keep in mind that the best herbs to grow in a terrarium are woodland herbs such as spleenwort and foamflower. Those are just examples, there are many woodland herbs to choose from. Here are some steps on how to make a terrarium.

  1. The first step is to find your container. Any glass container that has an opening big enough for you to plant, and will hold all your herbs will work. Also, the container should have an opening that has a cover. Some examples that would work are fish bowls and candy jars.

Photo by: purplejavatroll
  1. To thoroughly clean the container and cover, or lid, make a mixture that is one half vinegar and one half water. Then, rinse and scrub the container with the mixture until you are satisfied that it is clean. Rinse it off with water and let it dry.

  1. Plan the layout and design of your terrarium. Think about where it will be because that will dictate where the plants should be places. For example, if it is seen from all sides then the plants should be in the middle of the container. Also, consider adding little details to it, like pebbles or driftwood. Keep in mind that keeping it more on the simple side will make it easier to take care of.

Photo by: FarOutFlora
  1. Make a mix of half peat moss and half loam in a separate bucket.

  2. Now it is time to put the correct things in the bottom of the glass container. To start, add one to three inches of gravel, specifically fine gravel, to the bottom. Then, put in a small layer of sphagnum moss. Lastly, a two-inch layer of the mixture you made in the previous step.

Photo by: amanda
  1. Now you plant the herbs the way you wanted them. Make sure to insert each one deep enough in the mixture that it stands up right. Then, gently tap the mixture down around the plants and add your details. Try not to overcrowd.

  1. Pour water down the inner sides of the container, just until you see it go into the sphagnum moss. Do not water anymore because it can cause mold and other issues.

Photo by: lauren
  1. Put the terrarium somewhere where it gets a full day of indirect sun and cover it with a lid. When you see condensation on the inner sides of the container, take the lid off for a few hours and let things air out.




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