Terrific Tomatoes – How To Grow Tomatoes




  • Tomatoe Care

    • They need as much water as they can get in the first few days. Mulching helps in retaining moisture for transplanted tomatoes. Water consistently. Flat rocks around the plants also help retain moisture as it prevents evaporation.


Photo by: StevenW.


  • Common Pests and Diseases

    • Pests and diseases that gardeners need to be well-aware of when it comes to tomatoes include alphids, tomato hornworm, blossom-end rot, mosaic virus which distorts leaves and young growths, flea beetles, whiteflies, late blight which damages leaves and fruits with grey and moldy spots, and cracking due to interchanging extreme weather conditions. Basil is said to be tomato’s best friend as it repels most pests that commonly infest tomatoes such as alphids, tomato hornworms, whiteflies, and mosquitoes.



One of the best reasons why people love tomatoes is Lycopene.

Lycopene is a cancer-fighter and with the unhealthy lifestyle that most people lead, tomato, among other Lycopene sources continuously grow popular.

Gardeners love having tomatoes in their backyards for instant ingredient which also aids health improvement.

With proper care, gardeners can protect themselves as well as their loved ones from different health threats.


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