How many strategies are out there for in the garden? Too many sometimes.

At the end of the day, this can be pretty overwhelming so I decided to introduce some of the best ones today.

Brought to us today is a tutorial from Plant Abundance about ten of the best garden strategies there are! After watching it I found it to be really helpful.

It goes through the pros and cons of certain methods, with focus on the pros.


Photo by: Greenfleet Australia


These are real strategies that a real gardener has put to work in his garden.

The proof is in the plants and it will be obvious that these methods have produced a lot of successful crops when you see the video!

The first method he goes through is sheet mulching.




This is actually something I had never tried before so it was helpful to see his success with it.

Basically, this is putting down something like newspaper, or cardboard, under the actual mulch. This can be a lifesaver if when having difficulty suppressing those weeds.

Also, as the material starts to break down, the soil is getting fed wonderful nutrients that will help keep it young and plentiful!

His second tip is about getting ahead of the growing season, and he explains how to do this.


Photo by: Debbie R


This is definitely something that can be nerve wracking, so getting some input on it is always nice.

Getting this jump start means that the local nursery is not the limit to what can be grown! That extends our options way more.

He does a great job going over everything and these strategies are great for both expert and beginner gardeners.

It really is a helpful source! I recommend that you go and check it out.

Make life a little easier with these great garden strategies, they really are wonderful.






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