Ten Of The Best Spring Flowers



There are so many varieties of flowers we could use in our spring gardens that any one list would be impossible to put together.

These are just ten spring flowers that are great quick starters and early bloomers with striking colors.

They would be great option if you’re a beginner to gardening.





Photo by: spiderwort

Great to start after the last frost and likes cool weather. They are quick growing and grow to about 10” tall.

Works well in sun or part shade. They do best in moist, well-drained soil.

They also come in a large variety of colors so the options are endless. Pansies are an annual plant and works best in zones 4-8.


Yellow Trilliums


Photo by: stpaulgirl

They flower early and will stop blooming by the end between June and July depending on which zone you live in. Yellow trilliums will grow to about 16” tall.

They grow best in shade with moist, well-drained soil in zones areas 5-8.





Photo by: Brenda Dobbs

Also known as Lenten rose or Christmas rose. They can tolerate a light frost for early starters and they also works well in warmer climates.

It grows best in shaded areas and needs moist, well-drained soil.

They will grow to 12 inches tall and they grow best in zone areas 4-8.





Photo by: Peter Stevens

This is a perennial that shows up in March.  Their flowers are white and will bloom until late spring.

They are a great fit in a shaded or woodland garden as they grow best in shade.

They also need moist, well-drained soil.  They will grow up to about 6 inches tall and grow best in zone areas 3-9.



Snowdrop Anemone


Photo by: Robber Esq

Will work well in full sun or slightly shaded areas. They need moist, well-drained soil and may bloom again when the fall weather turns cool.

They will grow to about 6 inches tall and works best in zones 4-8.





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