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Cucumber Beetle Control

Cucumber Beetle Control

    It seems each year we do battle with cucumber beetles on our cucumbers and squash.  We always notice them late and the have to result to drastic measures to control them. Here is how to recognize these pests and some different ways of controlling them.   Cucumber Beetles   These beetles are very


Crabgrass In Lawns

Crabgrass is defined as any persistent weed or unwanted grass that grows in our manicured lawn.  Crabgrass grows during the hot temperatures of mid and late summer.  If  weeds grow during early spring or last fall then they are probably not crabgrass. There a many weeds that look like crabgrass but the treatment are all similar


Great Bugs For The Garden

    A lot of our time in the garden may be spent on trying to repel any bugs and insects that can harm our plants. What about the bugs that is actually beneficial to the garden? Having these kinds of bugs around may be more helpful than you thought. They can assist us in

Using Diatomaceous Earth For Insect Control

    Have you ever heard of diatomaceous earth, (DE)? Well if not, prepare to be amazed! The uses for diatomaceous earth in the garden are great and offer so many benefits. It is a truly amazing all natural product that can help us grow a beautiful and healthy garden.   How is diatomaceous earth made?   It’s

Repel Mosquitoes By Growing These Plants!

  If our region is currently in its warm/wet season, we have most likely swatted away more than our fair share of the dreaded blood-sucking mosquito. They’re not only annoying–insistent on interrupting your campfire fun and producing extremely itchy bumps–they’re also potentially dangerous, depending on whether contaminated blood has mingled within its body. These are some