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5 Reasons Not to Plant Bamboo

5 Reasons Not to Plant Bamboo

  There are not many plant that we will say to think really hard about before planting them. Bamboo is one of those plants though. Bamboo is a hardy fast growing grass. There are definitely some drawbacks with bamboo that you should consider before you plant in the yard.  Here are five that you need to

DIY Japanese Zen Gardens

  Over the centuries Japanese garden masters created a well-defined art of stone arrangement. It is based on five fundamental stone shapes that may be achieved directly, or a stone may be buried or positioned to achieve the shape. Among these primary stones are smaller “helping” stones that may be added to create a more

Making A Fairy Garden

  There are so many possibilities when thinking about fairy landscapes. Everything and everywhere seems to be usable from a teacup to the full yard. It’s only limited by your and your children’s imagination. You can use artificial plants or real plants. We all love real plants so that’s what we’ll be using! Our options are