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How To Make A DIY Hoop House

How To Make A DIY Hoop House

Having a way to protect the gardens in our yards is important. Especially if you live in an area that has harsh winters and frost. Creating a hoop house is a great way to offer gardens more protection for those months that are hard to withstand. It also helps extend your harvest period by keeping

Water Attracts And Mesmerizes

Visually we see the moving water and we are drawn to gaze closer. Water can have the same hypnotic effect as watching a camp fire.   The sound of flow water is relaxing and will lull us to sleep if you let it.     As we approach a water feature we are filled with the tranquil sounds of the


Pros And Cons of Wood and Rubber Mulch

Gardeners often take the decision between adding wood mulch or rubber mulch into their garden very seriously and rightly so. Both types of mulches do different things for your garden, whether is beneficial or harmful. Here is some information on both rubber mulch and wood mulch, broken down by topic. Toxins Both types of mulches