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What To Grow In Limited Garden Space

What To Grow In Limited Garden Space

    It can be very frustrating to not have a lot of space in the garden. It really is not easy, but often times it cannot just be changed. Some of us just have to learn to work with the space that we are given. The good thing is, you can still have a

The Herb Terrarium

Until recently I had never heard of an herb terrarium. This idea is absolutely adorable. An herb terrarium is a glass enclosed garden that creates humidity that is great for growing plants, such as herbs. Terrariums can be beautiful and look like a little forest in a glass bowl. The condensation that is built up

How To Start A Herb Garden

    Starting a herb garden can be useful for anyone who likes to cook or just enjoys gardening. They don’t require a large amount of space and the options are endless for what we can grow! Below are some how to instructions for starting our own herb gardens in the back yard.   Follow the simple steps, which