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Square Watermelons and G.M.O. Misconceptions

Square Watermelons and G.M.O. Misconceptions

This article in the New York Times by Amy Harmon was a great source of information into the GMO discussion.  GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) in itself is a difficult term to understand.  Here are a few definitions that are used for Genetically Modified Organisms: An organismwhosegeneticcharacteristicshavebeenaltered by theinsertion of a modifiedgene or a genefromanotherorganismusingthetechniques of


  Each area has a different growing season. If you’re a beginner at gardening then you will want to know when to start your vegetable seeds. By knowing and following the zone chart you can plant your seeds at the correct optimum time. Matching your vegetables to the length of your growing season is recommendation. If you are

Food That Grows From Kitchen Scraps

  When I started thinking about the number of eatable items that can be propagated from kitchen scraps, I was greatly surprised about the almost unlimited number. Just thinking about the fruits and vegetables that I consume and the fact that each of them has a seed inside and that means I can grow the