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  Relationships are all about growth, well why don’t we put literal meaning to that? Flowers have always been given to show love and our feelings to others. Instead of giving the cut flower why not give the plant? We have a gardenia bush that my mother in law gave us before our wedding and

11 Great Summer Blooming Flowers

  Growing plants that bloom flowers is very refreshing to the eyes. They can even change your mood from being sad to feeling happy. That’s why you really wanted to try growing flowering plants. Below are 11 plants that bloom during summer season that would be a great addition to the yard.   Gloriosa daisy


Garden Tips For Growing Snapdragons

  Snapdragons are a popular choice among gardeners and landscapers because it’s the epitome of what flowers should be like. It boasts of having both sweet fragrance and exceptional beauty. They need partial to full sun exposure in the spring and fully bloom from its seeds after at least eighty days. Ideally, these tender perennials