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Fascinating Fireflies

Fascinating Fireflies

Most folks can probably identify an adult firefly, but can you identify a larval one? I found this little guy (or girl?) this past summer on a driveway in eastern Pennsylvania. These fascinating – and garden-friendly! – Insects are likely facing massive population declines due to habitat loss, light pollution, and pesticide exposure. Encouraging them


How to Grow Air Plants (w/Video)

Air plants (Tillandsia) seem to be a new trend in gardening. Air plants are perennial and evergreen and require no soil so they can be grown anywhere. The leaves of the Air plant provide the water and nutrients for the plant to survive. The Air plants roots provide an anchor to help the plant adhere

Making A Fairy Garden

  There are so many possibilities when thinking about fairy landscapes. Everything and everywhere seems to be usable from a teacup to the full yard. It’s only limited by your and your children’s imagination. You can use artificial plants or real plants. We all love real plants so that’s what we’ll be using! Our options are