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Create An Unique Piece With Succulent Wall Art

Create An Unique Piece With Succulent Wall Art

    There are so many ways that we can incorporate gardening into our life and even decor. One way is making a piece of succlent wall art! It is so unique and beautiful!   Here are the simple steps on how to make our own succulent wall art.   First we need to get us an assembled


Gardening Doesn’t Have to Cost Much!

Gardening is a wonderful hobby and experience that can benefit you in many ways. But nowadays it can sound expensive with talk of raised beds, modified seeds, and many bags of mulch being needed. Not to mention the tools and everything else that comes with it. Well, here is a secret; it does not have


Miniature Pond DIY

Water features are wonderful in the back yard or near the garden.  When you have very little area to work with you can still have the beauty of a small water feature.  When you are limited to a balcony, patio or back door area this pond in a box can fit.  You can make it


How to Grow Air Plants (w/Video)

Air plants (Tillandsia) seem to be a new trend in gardening. Air plants are perennial and evergreen and require no soil so they can be grown anywhere. The leaves of the Air plant provide the water and nutrients for the plant to survive. The Air plants roots provide an anchor to help the plant adhere

7 Awesome DIY Planter Ideas

    Building new planters for the summer is also a great idea when you’re in a DIY mood! Here are some ideas we put together for DIY planters that you could do and don’t require a lot of skills to complete. Everything from pots and containers to hanging and vertical planter ideas! 1. Raised