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9 Helpful Composting Tips

9 Helpful Composting Tips

    Composting is a must if we really want to ensure our gardens are going to do their best. It may be a little messy and time consuming, but our plants will be thanking us with beautiful blossoms or a healthy harvest. It’s also a great way to recycle some of our kitchen scraps


5 Great Composting Tips

    Maintaining a compost pile doesn’t have to be difficult with the right information. Doing our basic research on the best practices and tips can be the difference between having a successful compost and it being a complete failure. Here are some great tips to try with our compost pile when they start having

Everything We Know About Composting Is Wrong, Could It Be True?

. Composting is not the same across the world.  Almost any country you visit you will find small differences in how they compost. Many countries just compost leaves alone.  Nothing added.  Just shred them and pile them up.  Really that is the basics of composting.  Trees reach down deep into the ground to bring nutrients