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How to Make Cement Hands for the Garden

How to Make Cement Hands for the Garden

Use of decorative cement in the garden has been going on since the Romans formulated the stuff.  It is a great medium since it can be molded and formed into almost any shape. It has been used as a bed border, planter, paving stones, planter stands and even as a latte. We have seen it


How to Grow Air Plants (w/Video)

Air plants (Tillandsia) seem to be a new trend in gardening. Air plants are perennial and evergreen and require no soil so they can be grown anywhere. The leaves of the Air plant provide the water and nutrients for the plant to survive. The Air plants roots provide an anchor to help the plant adhere

The Benefits of Growing Plants Vertically

  Growing Plants Vertically: Saving Space Growing plants vertically is an excellent strategy for home gardeners who have small yards or limited space that can be used for growing plants. It is an easy strategy to overlook though since most gardeners have grown up viewing the traditional garden that grows along the ground or in