Starting A Garden For Beginners


There is a lot to do in a garden and, as an established gardener, that is exciting. On the other hand, this can make starting a garden a daunting task. So, if you are a beginner who does not know much about what they are doing, but wants to start a garden, here are some steps on how to do that. Gardening is not always an exact science but these steps should point you in the right direction and help you get an idea of where to start.
Photo Credit: normanack

1. First things first, get some seeds, rather it’s flowers or vegetables. You can do this at a garden center, nursery, or even just a common store. Pick out a few plants that will be easy for you to start.

2. Pick a spot to start your garden. Make sure that the place gets both full (six continuous hours) and partial (less that six hours or shade) sun. There are plants that work well in both conditions and will fit to your space, so do not worry.

3. Get the soil ready. There are a lot of ways to do this, but we will go over some simpler, more common ways. You can dig up, till, and churn about the top two feet of soil and add compost into it. This can work, but it can also be ineffective if you do not have great soil. You can also build a garden bed and fill it with soil that you know is good.

4. Now you plant your seeds. The way to do this varies depending on the type of plants you are planting. Just follow the instructions on the packages, or tags, and you should be okay.

5. You do not want to overwater your plants. So, generally, you can water them about every other day but, again, this depends on the plant.
Photo Credit: Jessica Merz

6. Enjoy your garden!





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