Starting A Compost Seemed Easy Enough


While mowing my yard years ago I thought, why waste the clipping by bagging them and sending them to the land fill. Why not start composting the clippings and save the world from garbage? Sounds great doesn’t it? So I started dumping them into a wood frame I built on the far end of the yard. I really thought that if I dumped my weekly clipping into a pile they would compost. I continued dumping the clipping for about five weeks. I then noticed that there was nothing happening other than they were compacting and molding. Was that composting? I ended up having to bag the moldy, smelly compacted grass up and start sending it back to the landfills. I thought well that didn’t work, oh well. No thought into it and no result out of it.

Years later I did just a little online research, and found what a fool I had been. Compost is not hard, it just takes understanding. One of the ways I found understanding is with the attached video for the Drunken Compost. Truly I have never had waste compost in 14 days but it is usable in 21 days for me. I think this video is a benefit to anyone that wants to try composting!


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