Spring is Never Far Off



Now, it may seem like the Spring season is far off, but it is always good to think ahead and start preparing for the future, especially if spring is your favorite growing season, which it is for so many of us! So, here are ten tips on how to prepare for the spring season.

Photo by: Toni Fish
  1. Start ordering and gathering the bulbs and seeds for that you plan on planting. Some plants that you might consider make for a beautiful, colorful summer and are planted at the beginning of the spring season. For example, lilies, gladiolus, and ranunculus. Start ordering now and have your variety ready to go!
Photo by: Jon
  1. It is time to tidy up and make sure that your flower beds and borders are completely ready for planting. Now is the time to get rid of debris and leaves that are left in your garden. Also, cut back and make room for new things! If it is possible with weather and your soil, you can add about five centimeters of organic matter, compost, or manure into the soil to enrich it.


Photo by: Irene Kightley
  1. If you have a greenhouse, you may want to start clearing it out and cleaning up in it. For some of us, this is a daunting task, but remember that it is completely worth it. Consider disinfecting your greenhouse with hot garden disinfectant. This can ensure that you build your new spring garden on a completely clean slate, with no threat of left disease or mold. Also do this to pots and containers you plan on using. Make sure you let everything dry thoroughly.

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