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A dedicated gardener who loves gardening always waits for the spring to come. Spring is the one season that truly shows the full possibilities of color in the garden. The flowers that blossom in the spring refresh our lives with joy and happiness. It fills us with more joy and excitement if the plants are grown on our own. Spring gardens are loved by everyone. Garden lovers start preparing for the spring garden in late winter so that they could see the blossoming colorful flowers in early spring. Early preparations help in getting benefits throughout the year.

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Tips to inspire you in creating your spring garden

Keep it green

The spring garden looks attractive when it looks green and gives us the feel of nature within our homes. The best way to keep it green is to have a space adequate for gardening where the sunlight is appropriate and enough to nourish the plants. Take care of the seedlings you are going to use in the garden. We may want to start our plants inside to get a head start in the garden.  Once the last frost has past we can transplant the seedlings to the garden.

Plant the seedlings in the garden

Photo by: Andrea Parrish – Geyer

We should have a clear vision of the things we are going to use in your garden. Use exotic plants with a variety of vivid colors in it. This will make your garden an exotic, eye-catching and beautiful look that everyone dream of having. A wide range of colors gives a dazzling impression to our visual senses.

To give a proper look to the flowers of the garden, use appropriate space for the specific species. Usually, spring annual plants are not going to last for a long time, but we can prolong them by tending to their needs of watering, soil fertility and other sources when it turns hotter at the start of summer.


Make sure to enrich the fertility of the soil

Soil fertility is very much important for any garden to grow in a healthier way. Always use compost in the soil, and the best compost is that we do on our own. This makes the soil nutrient- rich and gives more life to the garden.

Photo by: Rachel Andrew

Take up the process of worm farming

Worm farming is beneficial for any garden. If we are composting, then we are already worm farming. Just move them to the garden bed with the compost. You can find worms from any other garden soil or you can buy them from any gardening shop nearby. Do not underestimate the lowly worm.

Garden dirt is a catalyst

In order to make your garden soil more fertile, mix garden dirt and compost into your soil. This can be done simply by making a mixture of two parts of compost with one part of the garden dirt. You can get garden dirt from the top of the soil or you can buy garden dirt from a garden store.

Some of the commonly used spring garden flowers

Photo by: Earl

The more colors in the garden, the more it will look exciting and stunning. The plants that make spring gardens look most attractive are daffodils, yellow bloom beckons, snowdrops, crocuses, tulips, lilies, marigold, china roses, clematis, magnolias etc.

photo by: Stanley Zimny

You can create your own spring garden by making innovations in your garden by adding more beautiful species in your garden. It depends on you how you want your garden to look whether its vegetable spring garden or flower spring garden.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is to take proper care of your garden by giving it our proper time. If you are a garden lover, you will be able to give time to your garden and will be interested in doing so. Have a great day with your spring gardens you are going to make.

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