Relationships are all about growth, well why don’t we put literal meaning to that?

Flowers have always been given to show love and our feelings to others. Instead of giving the cut flower why not give the plant?

We have a gardenia bush that my mother in law gave us before our wedding and it is still here 42 years later.

When it blooms and I smell the fragrance, who do I think of? I guess she knew how to stay with us even when she has left.

Here are some plants that are perfect to add to the garden because of the message of love that they tend to convey.


  • Red Aglaonema: This plant just looks romantic, with its foliage that is outlined in pinks and reds. This plant is super easy to take care of, and will definitely outlive the common flowers that are cut and often given as a sign of love. This plant can handle any kind of lighting, and thrives in humidity but can do without as well. All that we have to do is water when there is about two inches of dried soil on top. Easy and meaningful!
Photo by: Scott Zona


  • Anthurium: The flowers and foliage of this plant is shaped like hearts! It can also be referred to as the flamingo flower and it can last years at a time! Make sure that they have plenty of light, humidity, and water every time that the top inch or so of soil gets dry.
Photo by: Maureen Barlin

  • Orchids: Orchids are the universal flower of elegance, and therefore can bring elegance to a relationship. Moth orchids seem to last pretty long and are simple to care for. They do not need much light and you just water when the moss or bark that they are planted in dries out.
Photo by: Trevor Wintle


  • The Nerve Plant: This might not sound like the most romantic plant, its bright red, or pink, coloring says differently. Also, they do great in terrariums! This plant loves medium to bright lighting and lots of humidity.
Photo by : Therese Yarde


  • Polka Dot Plant: This plant is a beautiful dark green color, with splashes of red, pink, or white. It is practically Valentine’s Day in the form of a plant! This plant may require a trimming every month or so and likes medium to high lighting, some humidity, and should be watered when the top inch of soil is dried out.
Photo by: Forest and Kim Starr


  • Bromeliads: These are so colorful and poppy, perfect way to say that our love is growing and forming all sorts of new parts. This plant has long, green leaves, and flowers that are usually red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, or white. These plants like a lot of light and humidity!
Photo by: Jason Baker


-My Yard Garden

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