Ready For The Summer Vegetable Garden?


Getting a good place to commence planting from seed will be very crucial to their early growth and development. An ideal location is a warm sunny window facing south or west. If such window will not be available, a small indoor greenhouse could be a good investment. Indoor greenhouses can be as small as just a couple shelves that occupy only the top of a table or workbench, or they can be as large as a floor unit, standing 4 or 5 shelves high. Small indoor greenhouses can usually be set up with heat lamps or grow lamps to stimulate germination and rapid early growth of seedlings.

Before transplanting seedlings to the garden, ensure to map out where to plant everything. Take note of the space requirements of each vegetable, considering that some need extra space for ventilation around the plant, while others require to be close together to promote pollination. Keep in mind that it is essential to group all similar plants together. 5 or 6 tomato plants, for example, space them out around your garden, mixing them in with other varieties of vegetables. Inter-planting crops can help to prevent insect infestations and other pests.
Photo Credit: Couleur Lavande

Setting up a summer vegetable garden usually requires time, patience, and a lot of pre-planning long before the weather even warms up. These early steps might take time, but the effort and time invested in will pay surely pay back dividends over the summer in the form of a bumper crop of healthy produce.

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