Preparing For Annual Flowers In Our Gardens



We all want our gardens to be filled with numerous beautiful and pleasant flowers that are our heart’s desire.

When we care for our gardens, it is more than a hobby, it is called passion.

We raise gardens that will be filled with flowers, ornamental shrubs, herbs, trees of various varieties and lushly growing grass.

Photo by: daryl_mitchell

Annual flowers are easy way to brighten your landscape with minimal effort and cost.

They can be grown in spring and transform the whole look of our home in less than a day.

An annual plant is the plant that typically lasts for just one growing season i .e. they are flowers that complete their entire life cycle from seed to seed over the period of the summer or their particular growing season.

They offer remarkable colors for the time they are in your garden and then die off when the weather gets cold.
Photo by: Sally

In contrast to perennial flowers, annuals flowers will not sprout back the following season except if they have managed to shed seeds where they stood.

Popular annual flowers include impatiens, marigolds, petunias and geraniums- just to mention a few.

The beauty of using annuals in your flower garden is that, they can be bought in large flats at fairly low prices.




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