Potted Strawberries Can Survive The Winter


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Of all the fruits, strawberries are among one of the easiest to grow in pots and winterizing your potted strawberry plants will keep them healthy year after year. Strawberries are perennials so they go dormant during cold weather and return in the spring ready to grow and give berries.

Consider the pot you are going to use before planting. Many use pots made of terra cotta; the reddish-orange pots we all know so well. The reason for using terra cotta is that it’s highly porous which allows for better soil drainage. Another popular choice of container gardeners are wire hanging baskets lined with coconut fiber or moss. Just remember that the pots will need to be moved during the winter so consider the weight of the pots.

With a minimal amount of preparation for getting them through the winter, your strawberry plants in pots can be as productive as those grown in the ground. The amount of winterizing required depends on what planting zone you live in.

Almost every planting zone can grow strawberry plants at least a few months out of the year. If you do not know what zone you are in, go to USDA GROWING ZONE MAP to find out.



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