Pest Are Just Waiting For Next Year’s Garden

Pests are always an issue in the garden.

Even when they are not there, we worry.

Well, the time to start defending against pests is now.

We can do this, by preparing for the season efficiently.

After all, good defense equals a great offense, at least in this case.

So, don’t be lazy!

Pick yourself up and be the offense your garden needs.

Here are five ways to reduce pests in your yard during the growing season and therefore make your garden a healthier place.
Photo by: David Cholewa



  1. Weed out the garden. We don’t want the little pain-in-the-necks to have a free ride during the winter. If you neglect to weed your garden in the winter, this is what you’re providing to the enemy, shelter. Get rid of that threat now.







  1. Get rid of all the trash and old plant remnants in your yard. It is time to pull out all of the annuals you had in your garden. Also, anything in the garden that seems to be dying, or rotten. Make sure you get rid of any diseases as well and be sure not to put any diseased remnants on your compost.
Photo by: Joe Hoover


  1. Till the beds. Do work on your garden beds and till them. This will help dig out any unhealthy insects that may be burrowing down deep. Tilling deep will get rid of some and bring others up where it may be too cold for their survival.
photo by: Maurizio Molinari

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