Okay so when doing some research on what works, what does not work, and really what methods are great for our gardens, I have come to notice that there is so much out there in the web.

These options are amazing and convenient, but there are so many! This can make things even more complicated. So, the best bet seems to be to find something that comes straight from a gardener, just like us.

Today there is a video tutorial from Plant Abundance that was linked for your convenience.

In the video, he talks about something that he tried in his own garden and found to be very successful.
Photo by: iheartubuntu


Fish fertilizer is a fertilizer made out of fish carcass materials and waste. It has proven to be great in the garden and that is what the video is about.

The man in the video talks about his process with the fish fertilizer that has produced amazing results in his garden.
Photo by: Stephen Cole


Just looking at his garden and what you can see in the video is enough to trust this method! The best proof, in my opinion, is what you can see right there in the plants.

He mentions that there is kind of a downfall to fish fertilizer, and that is the smell.

Avoid using this product indoors, or anywhere where you do not want the smell.

But, outside in the garden, things are dirty and have a little bit of stink, for the price of wonderful crops, is not a huge inconvenience. The man in the video goes through everything, from what fish fertilizer is to how to properly use it in the garden.

The video is a great tool to use for information, and the method itself seems to be very solid and useful.


Do not forget to check it out and I hope it proves to be very helpful in the garden!



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