One Way Of Trying To Keep The Birds Away


One of the things that bug me the most, and I have found that it is a mutual feeling amongst a lot of gardeners, is birds eating my fruit. Now, do not get me wrong, I think birds are beautiful creatures but they sure have caused me some grief in the garden. I have found that it is helpful to look online and around for what other gardeners do to get rid of pests so that you can get a good grip on what might work best for you.


So, today there is a video brought to us by John at Learn Organic Gardening at Growing your Greens about how he got rid of the issue of birds eating his fruit, and for cheap. In fact, he got rid of this problem for just one dollar! Now, I love methods that work, but I love cheap methods that work even more so. John really gets in there and explains what works for him and shows us the results, which is nice and helpful for the watchers.


What he does is really simple, so you do not need to break out the tools or anything. To find out how to get rid of the issue of birds eating your fruit, and for only just one dollar, check out the video and enjoy having your fruits all to yourself.



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