One to Add to the Fall Garden


If we are looking for something good to add to our vegetable garden, then turnips might just be for us.

These plants are very simple to grow and they mature in the short time of just two months. Usually, they are grown as annuals but they are considered to be biennials.

The best kind of climate for turnips are temperate but they can do fine in some light frosts and mild coldness.

The best time to grow them is in the fall, the crops are usually more tender and sweet than crops grown in the spring.

Also, there tends to be less of a pest issue in the fall, which makes turnips even easier to grow. Here is some information on how to grow turnips.


The Planting
Photo by: llee_wu
  • The best place for turnips is a place that gets full sun.

  • The soil should have good drainage and should be loosened up about twelve to fifteen inches deep.

  • To ensure soil is rich in nutrients, mix compost in about two to four inches deep. Till well.
Photo by: Natalie HG
  • When things are able to be worked, sow the seeds.

  • You have to make sure that the turnip seeds, after you scatter them, are not covered by any more than a half an inch of soil.

  • When the plants get to be about four inches tall, thin them out to be about two to four inches apart. This is with the “early” types. If you are growing main crop, then thin them to be about six inches apart. If you only are growing them for the greens, do not thin at all.


Basic Care
Photo by: Susan Guest
  • Keep weeds away.

  • Mulch a lot.

  • Water about one inch per week. This will make sure that the roots do not get bitter.


The Harvest
Photo by: HankHankering
  • You can harvest early for greens.

  • Early types: Harvest at five weeks. Main crop: six to ten weeks.

  • You can harvest at any size, but keep in mind that the smaller ones are sweeter.

  • Pull before first frost.


Pests to Look Out For
Photo by: Jay & Melissa Malouin
  • Root maggots

  • Flea beetles

  • Powdery mildew

  • Downy mildew

  • Aphids






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