One-Hour Greenhouse For The Full Garden


With a little bit of thought, planning and parts from the hardware store we can build a greenhouse that will let us grow year-round in some of the lower growing zones.  They can be as small or as large as needed.  The greenhouse can stay the one winter or many.  It is all up to what we want and what we need.

Mathew Johnson gardener, author and contractor wanted to show the community of Provo, Utah how easy it is to put up his planned greenhouse, so he offered to cover one of the community gardens operated by Community Action and Food Back.  It has worked so well for him that he has started a company named “Our Backyard Greenhouse.”

Using only materials that can be found at the local hardware store and his and his son’s labor it only took about one hour to cover the garden fully.  With a little planning and thought we can cover or gardens to give us a longer and earlier growing season.

In the space of an hour on Saturday, Provo residents and gardeners were able to watch a greenhouse take shape and come together.

Matt Johnson, a gardener, author and contractor, demonstrated how an average person could build a greenhouse with minimal skills and mostly items found at the hardware store.

“I’ve just had a desire to share what I’ve learned growing in these greenhouses with people,” Johnson said. “A lot of times people want a greenhouse, but they lack the technical skill or they don’t know how to build it.”

The demonstration took place at one of the community gardens operated by Community Action and Food Bank and the greenhouse will stay there to give local gardeners a chance to continue growing plants in the winter.

“In many climates, including here in Utah, you can grow year around in your greenhouse without heat,” he said. “Now you can’t grow tomatoes and peppers, but you can grow spinach, chard, kale and leafy greens year-round.”

David Wright, gardens coordinator, said Community Action Services and Food Bank has five gardens that they open to the public. The greenhouse will be at the communal garden, which is located at 1050 W. 100 South in Provo.

At this garden, the people will work together to create a garden that thrives, rather than having the garden divided into plots that people can rent.

“The communal garden takes that and moves it one step further. It brings people to an area where they can garden and saying now collectively let us decide what we are going to grow and take care of it collectively,” Wright said.






Our Thanks to our Source: Daily Herald


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