November Garden To Do and Tips



If we take our gardens serious then we know there are things we should and need to do every month of the year. November is no different than any other month.  Here are some tips and to do items we will need to thinking about now.


Order seed catalogs for planning next year’s garden. Consider different sources that specialize in old or rare varities.
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Wildflowers make great additions to the garden. Sow the seed now so they start in the early spring.  Be sure and choose a mix of seed that fit with the climate and area you live in.  Scatter the seed and thinly cove with soil to keep the birds away from them.


Now is the time to take root cutting from woody shrubs or evergreens.  Azaleas, holly, and hydrangea are propagated this time of year from cuttings.


Bulbs that flower in the spring are still available.  Daffodils, Dutch iris, oxalis, ranunculus, freesia, anemone, watsonia, hyacinth, crocus and of course tulips are all started for the spring.


Now is also the time to plant or transplant trees, shrubs and ground cover.  It is a great time to choose the trees as they still have their fall colors.


We can find reduced bulbs at most garden centers this time of year and bulb forcing can be continued through the late winter.
Photo by: Katie Hannan


We should not forget to feed new flowers or vegetable plants with liquid fertilizer two weeks after planting.


Even in the cooler weather we will need to water any plants we put in to keep them moist.



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