Making Our Own Zen Garden


There are so many garden varieties out there.

A garden is often a peaceful place for people. Maybe it is just being around so many beautiful, beneficial plants, but it’s one of the number one places to clear a crowded mind.

That is a great concept, creating a place to clear the mind. A great way to do this would be to create one of the many varieties of gardens, a zen garden. The idea might be a little odd, but that’s what makes it so fun and interesting.

Here are some steps on how to make a place built for peace at mind.
Photo by: mykaul
  1. The number one thing that you must consider before starting your garden is how big you plan on making your zen garden. Whether your zen garden covers a large space or can fit on your desk, the steps will be relevant, just on a personalized scale.
Photo by: Paul Scott
  1. Build the container, or barriers, you plan on keeping your garden in. If your garden is going to be large, try wood that is about two by four. If your garden is going to be very small, then just get together any sized wood that will make good barriers for your garden. You will fill this with sand or gravel, which is the usual protocol for a Zen garden, but don’t be limited. Make it your own.
Photo by: Carol Norquist, NGC Flickr Chairman
  1. The next step is pretty short. It is time to make your box yours. You can do this by painting it, or maybe staining it or varnishing it. Whatever you want to do is your choice.


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