Making a Worm Bin for Composting

To start the bin, we used shredded newspaper that was moistened and a couple handfuls of garden soil.  We placed a few inches of the shredded newspaper in the bottom and sprinkled the soil across the top.  We then added the composting worms to the center and placed another few inches of newspaper on top.  The soil adds the need biology to the bin and the newspaper make up the bulk of the bedding material that the worms live in.
Photo by: Christine Quirion

To feed the worms we usually bury a thin layer of kitchen scraps in the newspaper.  After time when the newspaper is converted into compost and castings we just place the food on top.  The worms love scraps that are beginning to decompose and they even eat the newspaper.  We also place a piece of cardboard on top of the scraps to cover it all.
Photo by: kafka4prez

If need you can use a spray bottle to mist the bedding if it stats to dry out.  We have not had to add moisture into ours on a regular basis since the start.  You will see the amount of bedding rise as the worm convert the scraps and newspaper into castings. Worm castings are a wonderful soil conditioner and fertilizer to use in the garden.




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