Making a Worm Bin for Composting

There are a lot of different ways of composting, but there is one thing all compost pile need and that is worms.  It may not be our favorite garden visitor but we cannot grow without them.  There are plenty of options for raising composting worms, just search the internet and we will find hundreds for sale.  The best material we have found is Styrofoam.  The standard family Styrofoam cooler used for a family outing is a good start.  We have found that Styrofoam shipping containers from pet stores are even better.  They are larger and sturdier and will last longer.
Photo by: Andabeat

The thing about Styrofoam that makes it ideal is it’s insulating properties.  They must like the environment since we have been able to keep the colony of composting worms alive and well with no losses.  By that I mean they have not migrated out of the bin and they have not died off.  They have not even wandered off through the large holes drilled in all side and the bottom of the Styrofoam tub. That was all there was to preparing the bin was drill the one inch holes in all sides of it.
Photo by: rjp

The bedding has remained in great condition and the moisture levels have remained consistent without drying out or becoming over saturated with water.  The bin is relatively care free and all I have done is feed the worms.

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