Making A Fairy Garden


There are so many possibilities when thinking about fairy landscapes. Everything and everywhere seems to be usable from a teacup to the full yard.

It’s only limited by your and your children’s imagination. You can use artificial plants or real plants. We all love real plants so that’s what we’ll be using! Our options are an open or closed container, whatever you prefer. We like ours to be outside on the back porch or as an entrance to the garden, so open containers are for us.


Making a fairy garden is simple – you only need a few supplies. The “tricky” part is the fun part – using your imagination to set up and arrange a tiny little world.

Depending on how much up-keep you want to put into your creation once you build it, you can use real or fake plants in your fairy garden. As a newly-appointed gardener who likes a challenge, I prefer real plants – but artificial can be just as pretty.

Fairy gardens, along with plants and flowers, often feature tiny houses and lawn furniture, small gnomes and animals, and, of course, fairies – though the fairies are completely optional. Some people really get into the details when they build their fairy gardens by adding pebble walkways, miniature clotheslines, moss-covered hills and more.

The way I see it, making a fairy garden is an excuse for an adult to play with dollhouse furniture. All the miniature decorations are cute, too, so what’s not to love?

Before you add decorations and plants, you have to build the base. Using real plants, this foundation of pebbles, soil and moss is important. Here’s how to make a foundation for real plants.

  • Pick your container. This can be large or small, deep or shallow, open or enclosed with a lid – all that matters is that you have plenty of room to add plants, houses and whatever you desire.

  • Add pebbles, moss and a thick layer of soil. In that order. The moss and pebbles help your fairy garden breathe and drain – though you’ll never want to over water it in the first place.

Once your foundation is built, you can add plants and decorations.
Photo Credit: Éamonn Ó Muirí

Since a fairy garden is decoration-based, I like to add my animals, fairies, tables, chairs, houses, etc. first and arrange plants around them. Here’s where you can get as creative – or stay as simple – as you’d like. You can purposefully make your “miniature world” look like a little fairy’s yard surrounded by gardens and plants, or you can simply place a cute piece of furniture beside a plant and call it done. It’s hard to mess these up, because they’re so cute already.


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Photo Credit: Terretta

Items you may want to include are so numerous that we could never mention the all, but here are a few to consider in your thinking: doors, wood signs, mailbox, traffic lights, lamp post, traffic signs, bowls, wood tool box, pitcher and glasses set, tea sets, birdcage and stand, tea kettle, beer or whiskey bottles, lady bugs, camping set, playground equipment, tire swing, wood fence, fire pit, basket of eggs, arbor swing, garden hose, bird bath, garden hat, ladders, sun dials, camp fire, brick walls, wood walls, houses. There are so many things that the list is endless!

Just search the internet or walk the isles at the stores. It always helps if you have an ideal of what you will need before you start looking. That way you will not change your mind thirty times before you get out of the store like me.


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