Landscaping Ideas For Winter



Winters, for the most part, are cold, dry, and even snowy in most areas. This can make landscaping and gardening pretty difficult and discouraging. Do not let a snowy winter trick you into thinking landscaping has to be boring and barren.

Here are some great winter landscaping tips for those of us that like to get the full on, winter wonderland experience.


1. This one may sound a bit odd, but it can make all the difference. Focus on your bark in anticipation of winter because, when things are dead and covered in snow, the bark of your trees and shrubs can be the main focus.

If the bark is distinctive, your yard becomes more distinctive. Dogwoods and birch trees can be great picks for this.
Photo Credit: Nick Vidal-Hall


2. Include some plants that have berries. A lot of berries will still thrive in cold weather which is great for the winter landscaper looking for a bit more color.

Berries will also attract birds that may be in the area which will bring some life into your yard. Holly may be a berry to consider, it’s beautiful in color and can contribute to any holiday spirits.



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