Gardening can be a risky hobby or business to be in when given some thought.

Some plants can take over the garden completely, which is never fun.

So here is the question, when is it invasive versus abundant, and when are we missing out on a great opportunity out of fear of invasiveness?

So many questions! Where do we start?
Photo by: Lotus Johnson


Well, this video from Plant Abundance may be the best way to go when it comes to starting to look into invasive/abundant plants.

The gentlemen in the video starts right off the bat by saying that the video is about providing information on some great species of plants, and also as a warning against some.

This is not something that I, myself, have looked into too much, but it is definitely time to start.

We would like to think that we can grow anything in the garden, but caution is really important. We cannot always get what we want!
Photo by: oatsy40


Maybe we can find the fine line, though! This is where this video proves to be extremely helpful.

For example, goji berry plants are often considered very invasive and are avoided in the garden community.

He has one in his garden and he says that it does spread, but is very manageable and if it is managed well and planted, there are wonderfully delicious berries provided to enjoy.
Photo by: graibeard


The thing is, goji berries are very, very difficult to find fresh, so growing them is the easier option.

I would have completely missed this opportunity if I had never seen this video! They are totally worth it.

It is little things like this that I do not want to miss out on just because a plant is abundant in nature. Though there are definitely some to avoid, do not miss out!

He does a great job going over the different plants in the video so I recommend checking it out!





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